Tell the father of the baby

Telling your boyfriend that you are pregnant can be a scary thing. In most cases, the fact that it is your boyfriend and not your husband means you are younger and didn’t plan to get pregnant. Once you are sure you are pregnant, you need to tell him. Do it when alone, and be gentle. Don’t beat around the bush too much, just tell him you have something important to talk about with him – note the “with him”, not “to him”. Then tell him that your period was late, you’ve taken a test and it was positive. Don’t make the discussion into a yelling match. Guys react better when you actually care about what they have to say. Tell him your thoughts but also listen to his. Consider his opinion as much as you do yours, it is his baby too, after all.

A lot of girls fear their boyfriend will want an abortion, and for the most part they do. Try to remember the reason you are suddenly so desperate to keep the baby is the same hormones that led to you being pregnant in the first place. They cloud your ability to make clear decisions and make it tough to remember what you want, as opposed to what your body wants. If you never had that talk, try to understand what he wants too. If he is asking you to terminate the pregnancy, know that he can’t force you to, but be willing to at least talk about the pros and cons of such a decision. If you immediately dismiss it, he is going to feel like you aren’t willing to talk with him. Talking about abortion doesn’t mean you will, but it does mean you are adult enough to consider all the possible options and then pick the best one for you, at your time of life.

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