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You should start getting prenatal care and dental care as early as possible. Prenatal care means medical care for you while you are pregnant. Doctors, nurses and midwives offer prenatal care. You don’t have to decide between adoption and raising your baby before you start getting medical care. The care you receive will be the same. During the first couple of months of pregnancy, your baby is developing all of its organs and body systems. Your health can affect the baby in both good and bad ways. If you don’t start prenatal care right away, you and your baby can both be at risk of health problems.

You must also eat a nutritious diet, take prescribed vitamins and iron supplements, and engage in healthy physical activity. Though a supportive family can help you cope with your new responsibilities, social service agencies may be needed to help you to find ways to finish school and seek employment. Getting proper medication to may be crucial while you are pregnant because, for example, prenatal vitamins will help prevent some birth defects; you may also need to take a folic acid supplement.

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