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This site is meant particularly for teenagers - both the young mothers and fathers - who are, or think that they may be, pregnant. It is also for the parents of teenagers who fall pregnant. There is information about all kinds of things to do with being pregnant and having a baby, and there are options for you to get support. No matter whether falling pregnant is, for you, a happy or dreadful event, being properly informed and being supported through it will make it easier for you. We trust that this site will help you in both regards.

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Am I Pregnant?

If you suspect that you may be pregnant, take a pregnancy test.  Signs that you may be pregnant include more...

Tell someone you trust

We understand that telling an adult, especially your parent, that you are pregnant is a very difficult and scary thing for you to do. It is important more...

Tell the father 

Telling your boyfriend that you are pregnant can be a scary thing. In most cases, the fact that it is your boyfriend and not your husband means you are younger and  more...

Research your options

Once you know you're pregnant, you should decide how you want to handle the pregnancy. Sit down and have a mature conversation with the father and other people who are  more...

Find a place to stay

If you cannot stay at home, a maternity home could be an option for you if you have decided to have the baby. Maternity homes are places more...

Be thrifty about what you buy

eing thrifty will save you a lot of money in the long term. Clothes, toys, prams/buggies most of these items can be bought second hand and many will be in pristine condition. Budget more...

Get proper medical care

You should start getting prenatal care and dental care as early as possible. Prenatal care means medical care for you while you are pregnant. Doctors, nurses and midwives  more...

Make appropriate lifestyle changes

Parenting requires many lifestyle adjustments to ensure the well-being of the child. Oftentimes, parents must adjust their schedules to work around those of their children - to put  more...

Information for young fathers

If you are the father you have the right to know your child and to participate in your child’s life. You have rights of custody and access. You also have responsibilities: the responsibility  more...

Information for parents of pregnant teens

One of the first steps that you, as a parents of a pregnant teen, need to tackle is getting a handle on your emotions. You might already be past this point, but many have an entire range of emotions  more...


Most kinds of birth control don’t protect you from STDs, so also use a condom every time you have sex (even if you are already pregnant).  more...

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